April, 2016


Application of the Day: Mobile Strike

Today, April 28 I am pleased to share this good plan is an Android game very famous. Highly ranked on Google Play with 4/5 with 40,000 votes.


Mobile Strike is a new set of breathless action. Full modern warfare, build your base, direct hostilities and train elite troops who will battle on your behalf! Play mobile strike with unlimited hacks

Unlock sophisticated offensive vehicles, order of mighty armies and mobilize all your tactical skills against opponents from around the world in this MMO globally!


Product Features

• – Professional Tips and Strategies.
• – Cheats and Hacks.
• – Secrets, Tips, Cheats, Unlockables, and Tricks Used By Pro Players!
• – Missions
• – Resources
• – Facebook and Wiki Strategies Online.


Product Description


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Here is what you will be getting When You purchase this advanced professional and detailed game guide.

– Professional Tips and Strategies.
– Cheats and Hacks.
– Secrets, Tips, Cheats, Unlockables, and Tricks Used By Pro Players!
– Missions
– Resources
– Facebook and Wiki Strategies Online.

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This product is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, certified, or sponsored by the Original Copyright Owner. All trademarks and registered trademarks Appearing on this ebook are the property of respective owners Their.

Technical details

Size: 8,1MB

Version: 1.0

Developed by: HSE Games

Application Permissions: (Help me understand what permissions mean) • Open network ports
• Access information about networks

Minimum Operating System: Android 2.2

Approximate Download Time: Less than 90 seconds



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Supercell talks tough – Latest Twit

The mobile game of the moment is Clash Royale. The first tournament organized by Supercell in Helsinki last weekend was a success and to the rapid development of his game, Supercell today announced a series of rules to protect players and ensure fairness of the game. In this Accordingly, it is now totally forbidden to use third party software, and any underground economy as the sale of gems or accounts between players is also prohibited.


The first part concerns the prohibition to use third party software. Prohibitions like the fact of using bots to farm chests or hacks to get a benefit game are logical, most online multiplayer games also impose them. This prohibition does raise the issue of add-on, these little programs that do not affect the game, but may allow you to change the appearance or public information display in the game. On reading the statement of Supercell, these add -on are theoretically forbidden and we do not recommend the use of any external software Clash Royale.

No black market

The second part concerns the economy of the game. Supercell strictly prohibits the purchase or sale of gems outside of its official store. You can find deals on the internet to buy gems through illegal deals Supercell and wants to stop it now. The buying and selling of accounts are also banned to discourage any attempt to progress in the game too quickly, not to mention the dangers that can run potential buyers.

The risks

And punishments in? Supercell has already planned three different levels. The harm in people may be withdrawn any money in the game, see their accounts temporarily suspended and, in the most severe cases, permanently.

This policy has as much to protect the company that the population of players. Royal Clash is a competitive game and maintain sporting fairness is something essential to the success of the game endures through time. After this announcement, Supercell will in any case ensure and implement these prohibitions works because cheating software already exist.

Source: http://twitter.com

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The Essential Facts Of Ashford Realty Group

The Essential Facts Of Ashford Realty Group

Costing consideration is vital in making sure that you get bang for your buck with regards to dealing in Colorado Springs home for sale. To determine whether the quoted cost is right or not, it is necessary to get proper valuation coming from qualified real property valuers. Obtaining no less than 3 independent price appraisals can assist you come to a proper cost negotiation approach. It is essential to have a pre-contract along with a possible seller including provision for independent valuation if the price is negotiable. It will direct you in getting to an informed decision whether to buy the property or not. If you’re a seller, it’s normal that expert valuating must precede your selling price.
Owning a home gives some sense of accomplishment and great pride and it’s among the best foundations to create memories. There are lots of circumstances that inspire people to buy their own first house. Leasing a house is perfect for landlords but bad for renters. Many people find paying out raising rental rates and seeing their money get away from their wallets and enter into their landlord’s pocket monthly quite exhausting. Additionally, when you’re leasing a home, you have no control over the style and therefore you can’t apply any specific design ways to it no matter how fantastic they can be. If you like Colorado Springs you will definitely want to make it your home. There are many Colorado Springs homes for sale which you could select from, depending on the power of your pocket, and the size and style you prefer.
Legalities are usually one of the primary qualities of real estate contracts. You must seek out professional guidance when dealing with real estate, especially when you are considering selling or buying your property. Fortunately, there are several legal professionals who are specialized in dealing with real estate Colorado Springs. Of key importance to the legal transaction is your right of ownership and/or possession and just how that right transfers to you when you’re purchasing a real estate or from you when you are selling it. One other vital consideration is just what comes about when you or another party in the contract defaults on any of the conditions of the agreement such as defaulting on arranged payment conditions or inability to honor terms of the transfer agreement. Visit website for more legal tips on purchasing a house.
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