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Clash Royale Gameplay Deck 0 Epic / Legendary

Today I propose a small article about Clash Royale. Together we will discover my deck. If I venture to offer you is that it is the deck that allowed me to reach 2K2 trophies and I could test it at different levels.
As you can see, the deck consists of cards available to very low, and you will have the time to take it in hand, to discover its strengths and its limitations. Also, the big advantage of this deck is that it has no epic or legendary card. The cards will be more easily accessible, and your clan can help you more easily. Get started, discover your clash royale hack without surveys.!


 Gameplay style

The deck is very simple to play. It is based on the classic combination of “Giant” and “Bombardier.” These are the cards that perform the most damage to enemy towers.
Your goal will be to release a way to “Giant” that will protect your “Bombardier.” The deal 2 cards at the same level of players 10% damage to towers. It, therefore, does not take a long time to overcome. However, the weakness of this combo is air units. We, therefore, advise you to keep a card “Arrows” to cancel a “Horde Gargoyles.”

The role of cards

Offensive cards

They are the number of 2. As we have said, our strike force consists of “Giant” and the “Bombardier.” Other cards will allow defending or to breach for the last 2.
The cards “counter.”
The cards “counter” are used to annihilate an opponent’s card directly (we say that the card advantage is at least 1: 1). To illustrate this, imagine that our opponent plays the “Horde gargoyles” whether in attack or defense. We will, therefore, seek to use map “Arrows” that will destroy all the gargoyles suddenly. In detail, the cards “counter” are:
“Arrows” that will be used to destroy the weak units like “Gargoyles,” “Horde gargoyles,” “skeletons Army” Goblin of any kind
“Tour of Hell” will serve as a diversion for anti-building cards like “Giant” (and its remote counterpart), the “Giant Skeleton,” “Pekka” and finally the “pig Rider.”
“Fireball” will be used equivalently to “Arrows.” In addition to units that can be destroyed with, we can add to the list “Witch,” “Musketeer” (single or 3) and the “Sorcerer.” Also, the “Fireball” will help you against the cards “buildings” of your enemy.
The cards “tempo.”
If you followed, there are three cards that we have not yet spoken. These cards also serve you well in attack and defense. Their direct impact (the card advantage) will not be as great as the cards “counter” but the difference lies in the fact that they are “units” cards. They will, therefore, bring a shift in troops that should be managed by your opponent and thus force him to use his cards “counter.”


As I have said, this deck can be obtained early (many basic maps) with the exception of 3 cards. So we will offer you an alternative for these three cards waiting to unlock them, but we will not forget our guideline is to compose a deck without epic and legendary.
“Barbarians”: you will get only from the arena 3. In the meantime, you can use the “Knight” or the “Valkyrie” which are rugged land maps.
“Horde gargoyles”: you will get that from the arena 4. To wait, I suggest you use the “Archers” to conserve air impact gargoyles.
“Tour of Hell”: you will get that from the arena 4. You can take the card “Pekka” you will use to defend against the “Giants” as it has a strong potential for damage. Or you use the “Musketeer” to prevent air attacks you.Finally, this deck will allow you to get high in the rankings without having to spend money to get the legendary and epic game cards. Of course, there will be phases where you may stagnate. Do not worry this is normal. It is possible that you fall or against a deck that you counter (i.e., it has a high potential for your deck style) or you’ll have to improve card 1 or 2 to overcome a bearing (e.g., the fireball to allow you to OS magician or the musketeer).

Hopefully, this will please you and deck alongside this article. Feel free to leave a comment and see you soon for a new item;)
Give us your opinion or offer your correction!

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Swiper: Earn Amazon Gift Cards by unlocking your smartphone

An application that allows you to earn points every time you unlock your phone points you can use to get free cinema tickets, Amazon gift certificates/ gift cards and many other things … Unbelievable but true!

He who does not take a look at his smartphone 100 times a day cast the first stone, for others this is how this magic app:

How does it work ?

To enjoy Swiper just download the application (video, link and bonus code at the end of article), and then enjoy the good plan. Instead of your usual screen unlock page you have a fixed visual advertising (image) and a virtual button to drag to access the smartphone’s home screen.
In everyday life it does not change your habits, you slide your finger on the screen to unlock it exactly as before. After two days you’re even more attention to the advertising image, the better screen above you always find useful information (date, time, etc …).
You can set parameters in the kind of ads you want to receive; they are amazon gift cards closest to your interests … As long as you do as much as the visuals are susceptible suit you.
That’s why it’s a real good plan, no effort or change your usage patterns.

How many points accumulated by you?

Each screen unlock Swiper you earn 14 points, they are added to your account and when you reach the desired amount of gifts you can redeem them. The number of points per day is limited to 476, a figure that corresponds to unlocking 34 per day.
The latter figure may seem huge, but do the test and you will see that in the end you like me consult our smartphone more time than it takes a day to collect maximum points.

What do we earn?

The shop allows you to redeem points for a variety of free amazon gift cards and vouchers, worth an average of € 5 and € 10 for some points between 20000 and 25000 points.
Many partners are findable in store: clothing, cosmetics, music, video games, film carpool or VTC, etc … Something for everyone.
Amazon gift card or € 10 Sephora are at 25,000 points a month subscription Deezer to 22500 or even instead UGC cinema is 17500 points.
The calculation is simple: the number of points required / number of points accumulated per day. You will have a cinema ticket every 37 days or gift card 10 € every 53 days by accumulating 476 points per day.

How to register?

Always read this article and you are right, it is time to register on Swiper, you automatically earn 500 points for registration.
500 points extra bonus using the code:
EiupjY (to enter the sponsorship box)
You can register by filling the form or via your Facebook or Google+ accounts; it only takes two minutes, and you’re off to recoup your screen unlocking.


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Instagram officially abandons the chronological display

WEB Like Facebook, the social network uses an algorithm to determine which photos to highlight … Check more on free Instagram followers  and likes at
The most recent photos displayed first, it’s over. Experience had made noise in March. Brands and celebrities had flooded Instagram hashtags #TurnMeOn #ActiveNotifications and to encourage their followers to enable alerts in push to not miss any shot. After swearing he listened to the concerns, the social network, which has 400 million users, has decided to go his own head Friday algorithmic display will be gradually imposed on everyone. In short, Instagram becomes more like Facebook.
To a paid promotion?
The logic is defending. Unlike Twitter, Instagram is rarely used for hot news. And as we follow more and more people, we miss about 70% of published photos. So, Instagram now uses a secret sauce to choose the pictures to highlight. In the idea, if you Likez and regularly reviewing photos of a person with whom you are friends on Facebook, there are great chances that the algorithm given more importance.
Obviously, the initiative does not appeal to brands and celebrities Instagram, which fear being relegated down the stream. It would not be surprising to see soon land a paid solution to promote their posts and reach a wider audience, as is already the case on … Facebook.
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Application of the Day: Mobile Strike

Today, April 28 I am pleased to share this good plan is an Android game very famous. Highly ranked on Google Play with 4/5 with 40,000 votes.


Mobile Strike is a new set of breathless action. Full modern warfare, build your base, direct hostilities and train elite troops who will battle on your behalf! Play mobile strike with unlimited hacks

Unlock sophisticated offensive vehicles, order of mighty armies and mobilize all your tactical skills against opponents from around the world in this MMO globally!


Product Features

• – Professional Tips and Strategies.
• – Cheats and Hacks.
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• – Missions
• – Resources
• – Facebook and Wiki Strategies Online.


Product Description


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With the success of my Hundreds of –other written guides and strategies I have written Reviews another advanced professional guide for new and veteran players. This Gives specific strategies and tips on how to progress in the game, beat your Opponents, ACQUIRE more coins and currency, plus much more!

Here is what you will be getting When You purchase this advanced professional and detailed game guide.

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All versions of this guide-have screenshots to help you better Understand the game. There is no –other That Is guide as comprehensive and advanced as this one.

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You will be glad you purchased this That You guide and will benefit from it Greatly Compared To l’autre less effective guides out there. Purchase now and crush your Opponents! Become a Pro Player Today!

This product is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, certified, or sponsored by the Original Copyright Owner. All trademarks and registered trademarks Appearing on this ebook are the property of respective owners Their.

Technical details

Size: 8,1MB

Version: 1.0

Developed by: HSE Games

Application Permissions: (Help me understand what permissions mean) • Open network ports
• Access information about networks

Minimum Operating System: Android 2.2

Approximate Download Time: Less than 90 seconds



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Supercell talks tough – Latest Twit

The mobile game of the moment is Clash Royale. The first tournament organized by Supercell in Helsinki last weekend was a success and to the rapid development of his game, Supercell today announced a series of rules to protect players and ensure fairness of the game. In this Accordingly, it is now totally forbidden to use third party software, and any underground economy as the sale of gems or accounts between players is also prohibited.


The first part concerns the prohibition to use third party software. Prohibitions like the fact of using bots to farm chests or hacks to get a benefit game are logical, most online multiplayer games also impose them. This prohibition does raise the issue of add-on, these little programs that do not affect the game, but may allow you to change the appearance or public information display in the game. On reading the statement of Supercell, these add -on are theoretically forbidden and we do not recommend the use of any external software Clash Royale.

No black market

The second part concerns the economy of the game. Supercell strictly prohibits the purchase or sale of gems outside of its official store. You can find deals on the internet to buy gems through illegal deals Supercell and wants to stop it now. The buying and selling of accounts are also banned to discourage any attempt to progress in the game too quickly, not to mention the dangers that can run potential buyers.

The risks

And punishments in? Supercell has already planned three different levels. The harm in people may be withdrawn any money in the game, see their accounts temporarily suspended and, in the most severe cases, permanently.

This policy has as much to protect the company that the population of players. Royal Clash is a competitive game and maintain sporting fairness is something essential to the success of the game endures through time. After this announcement, Supercell will in any case ensure and implement these prohibitions works because cheating software already exist.


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