Clash Royale Gameplay Deck 0 Epic / Legendary

Today I propose a small article about Clash Royale. Together we will discover my deck. If I venture to offer you is that it is the deck that allowed me to reach 2K2 trophies and I could test it at different levels.
As you can see, the deck consists of cards available to very low, and you will have the time to take it in hand, to discover its strengths and its limitations. Also, the big advantage of this deck is that it has no epic or legendary card. The cards will be more easily accessible, and your clan can help you more easily. Get started, discover your clash royale hack without surveys.!


 Gameplay style

The deck is very simple to play. It is based on the classic combination of “Giant” and “Bombardier.” These are the cards that perform the most damage to enemy towers.
Your goal will be to release a way to “Giant” that will protect your “Bombardier.” The deal 2 cards at the same level of players 10% damage to towers. It, therefore, does not take a long time to overcome. However, the weakness of this combo is air units. We, therefore, advise you to keep a card “Arrows” to cancel a “Horde Gargoyles.”

The role of cards

Offensive cards

They are the number of 2. As we have said, our strike force consists of “Giant” and the “Bombardier.” Other cards will allow defending or to breach for the last 2.
The cards “counter.”
The cards “counter” are used to annihilate an opponent’s card directly (we say that the card advantage is at least 1: 1). To illustrate this, imagine that our opponent plays the “Horde gargoyles” whether in attack or defense. We will, therefore, seek to use map “Arrows” that will destroy all the gargoyles suddenly. In detail, the cards “counter” are:
“Arrows” that will be used to destroy the weak units like “Gargoyles,” “Horde gargoyles,” “skeletons Army” Goblin of any kind
“Tour of Hell” will serve as a diversion for anti-building cards like “Giant” (and its remote counterpart), the “Giant Skeleton,” “Pekka” and finally the “pig Rider.”
“Fireball” will be used equivalently to “Arrows.” In addition to units that can be destroyed with, we can add to the list “Witch,” “Musketeer” (single or 3) and the “Sorcerer.” Also, the “Fireball” will help you against the cards “buildings” of your enemy.
The cards “tempo.”
If you followed, there are three cards that we have not yet spoken. These cards also serve you well in attack and defense. Their direct impact (the card advantage) will not be as great as the cards “counter” but the difference lies in the fact that they are “units” cards. They will, therefore, bring a shift in troops that should be managed by your opponent and thus force him to use his cards “counter.”


As I have said, this deck can be obtained early (many basic maps) with the exception of 3 cards. So we will offer you an alternative for these three cards waiting to unlock them, but we will not forget our guideline is to compose a deck without epic and legendary.
“Barbarians”: you will get only from the arena 3. In the meantime, you can use the “Knight” or the “Valkyrie” which are rugged land maps.
“Horde gargoyles”: you will get that from the arena 4. To wait, I suggest you use the “Archers” to conserve air impact gargoyles.
“Tour of Hell”: you will get that from the arena 4. You can take the card “Pekka” you will use to defend against the “Giants” as it has a strong potential for damage. Or you use the “Musketeer” to prevent air attacks you.Finally, this deck will allow you to get high in the rankings without having to spend money to get the legendary and epic game cards. Of course, there will be phases where you may stagnate. Do not worry this is normal. It is possible that you fall or against a deck that you counter (i.e., it has a high potential for your deck style) or you’ll have to improve card 1 or 2 to overcome a bearing (e.g., the fireball to allow you to OS magician or the musketeer).

Hopefully, this will please you and deck alongside this article. Feel free to leave a comment and see you soon for a new item;)
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