Instagram officially abandons the chronological display

WEB Like Facebook, the social network uses an algorithm to determine which photos to highlight … Check more on free Instagram followers  and likes at
The most recent photos displayed first, it’s over. Experience had made noise in March. Brands and celebrities had flooded Instagram hashtags #TurnMeOn #ActiveNotifications and to encourage their followers to enable alerts in push to not miss any shot. After swearing he listened to the concerns, the social network, which has 400 million users, has decided to go his own head Friday algorithmic display will be gradually imposed on everyone. In short, Instagram becomes more like Facebook.
To a paid promotion?
The logic is defending. Unlike Twitter, Instagram is rarely used for hot news. And as we follow more and more people, we miss about 70% of published photos. So, Instagram now uses a secret sauce to choose the pictures to highlight. In the idea, if you Likez and regularly reviewing photos of a person with whom you are friends on Facebook, there are great chances that the algorithm given more importance.
Obviously, the initiative does not appeal to brands and celebrities Instagram, which fear being relegated down the stream. It would not be surprising to see soon land a paid solution to promote their posts and reach a wider audience, as is already the case on … Facebook.

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