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The mobile game of the moment is Clash Royale. The first tournament organized by Supercell in Helsinki last weekend was a success and to the rapid development of his game, Supercell today announced a series of rules to protect players and ensure fairness of the game. In this Accordingly, it is now totally forbidden to use third party software, and any underground economy as the sale of gems or accounts between players is also prohibited.


The first part concerns the prohibition to use third party software. Prohibitions like the fact of using bots to farm chests or hacks to get a benefit game are logical, most online multiplayer games also impose them. This prohibition does raise the issue of add-on, these little programs that do not affect the game, but may allow you to change the appearance or public information display in the game. On reading the statement of Supercell, these add -on are theoretically forbidden and we do not recommend the use of any external software Clash Royale.

No black market

The second part concerns the economy of the game. Supercell strictly prohibits the purchase or sale of gems outside of its official store. You can find deals on the internet to buy gems through illegal deals Supercell and wants to stop it now. The buying and selling of accounts are also banned to discourage any attempt to progress in the game too quickly, not to mention the dangers that can run potential buyers.

The risks

And punishments in? Supercell has already planned three different levels. The harm in people may be withdrawn any money in the game, see their accounts temporarily suspended and, in the most severe cases, permanently.

This policy has as much to protect the company that the population of players. Royal Clash is a competitive game and maintain sporting fairness is something essential to the success of the game endures through time. After this announcement, Supercell will in any case ensure and implement these prohibitions works because cheating software already exist.


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