Swiper: Earn Amazon Gift Cards by unlocking your smartphone


An application that allows you to earn points every time you unlock your phone points you can use to get free cinema tickets, Amazon gift certificates/ gift cards and many other things … Unbelievable but true!

He who does not take a look at his smartphone 100 times a day cast the first stone, for others this is how this magic app:

How does it work ?

To enjoy Swiper just download the application (video, link and bonus code at the end of article), and then enjoy the good plan. Instead of your usual screen unlock page you have a fixed visual advertising (image) and a virtual button to drag to access the smartphone’s home screen.
In everyday life it does not change your habits, you slide your finger on the screen to unlock it exactly as before. After two days you’re even more attention to the advertising image, the better screen above you always find useful information (date, time, etc …).
You can set parameters in the kind of ads you want to receive; they are amazon gift cards closest to your interests … As long as you do as much as the visuals are susceptible suit you.
That’s why it’s a real good plan, no effort or change your usage patterns.

How many points accumulated by you?

Each screen unlock Swiper you earn 14 points, they are added to your account and when you reach the desired amount of gifts you can redeem them. The number of points per day is limited to 476, a figure that corresponds to unlocking 34 per day.
The latter figure may seem huge, but do the test and you will see that in the end you like me consult our smartphone more time than it takes a day to collect maximum points.

What do we earn?

The shop allows you to redeem points for a variety of free amazon gift cards and vouchers, worth an average of € 5 and € 10 for some points between 20000 and 25000 points.
Many partners are findable in store: clothing, cosmetics, music, video games, film carpool or VTC, etc … Something for everyone.
Amazon gift card or € 10 Sephora are at 25,000 points a month subscription Deezer to 22500 or even instead UGC cinema is 17500 points.
The calculation is simple: the number of points required / number of points accumulated per day. You will have a cinema ticket every 37 days or gift card 10 € every 53 days by accumulating 476 points per day.

How to register?

Always read this article and you are right, it is time to register on Swiper, you automatically earn 500 points for registration.
500 points extra bonus using the code:
EiupjY (to enter the sponsorship box)
You can register by filling the form or via your Facebook or Google+ accounts; it only takes two minutes, and you’re off to recoup your screen unlocking.


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